Residential Proxies (by BuyPersonalProxy)

PROXY TYPE Rotative/Sticky IP’s


LOCATIONS 150+ countries

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Residential Proxy Plans


  •  Proxy Type: ISP (Residential)
  •  Dedicated IP’s
  •  Authentication: User&Pass
  •  Format: HTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS5
  •  10M IP Pool
  •  Sticky and Rotative Proxies
  •  Unlimited Number of Sessions
  •  150+ Locations
  •  Support Premium 24/7/365

Residential Proxy

Residential proxies are IP’s from real users that avoids any detection or blocks. They will not be as fast as a datacenter proxy since they will use a home internet connection but they are more secure and harder to ban than datacenter proxies. Residential proxies are recommended for users who need the proxies to rotate and not keep the same IP’s for a long time. You can generate as many proxies you want based on the size of the plan you choose, residential proxies are sold on GB usage basis and not by number.

Residential Proxies (by BuyPersonalProxy)
Residential Proxies (by BuyPersonalProxy)

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