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Online streaming is the fastest-growing form of entertainment worldwide, with numbers increasing exponentially every month. With the world marching toward more digital experiences, there’s no doubt that this trend will increase.

If you’ve been using traditional proxies to stream services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video, you may have encountered difficulties recently. Since then, the big players began blocking proxy use several years ago and have been increasing their database of disallowed proxies.

High-bandwidth residential proxies are the perfect solution to the problem of IP bans. Standard proxies do not use residential IP pools, and it’s relatively easy to obtain and block proxy access.

Residential proxies don’t use traditional IPs from proxy farms but rather source their addresses from residential user space. There are several advantages to residential sourced IPs, including avoiding proxy bans from streaming providers. Your device behind a residential proxy looks like any other home user from the streaming service’s perspective.

Furthermore, these proxies are also static, meaning that the IPs do not automatically change after each session. Static addresses are desirable because services such as online banks will flag your account for suspicious activity if the IP address varies often.

Static Residential Proxies (by IpRoyal)
Static Residential Proxies (by IpRoyal)


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